Access Bars® Class
Here you can find the dates for my Access Bars® and Body Processes classes as well as info events.

There won't be classes within the next weeks, but we can create a class date together that suits you. Feel free to ask!.

My classes will take place at the PuR-Bonn Gesundheitszentrum in Bonn.

Access Bars Class® for Children

Children can use very effective bars because they are very unbiased. This has a positive effect on the person receiving the bars.


There are special manuals for children to teach them vividly how to apply the bars. In a child-friendly way, I explain step by step the individual positions, how to hold them and what they can do. In addition, there is an illustrated short instruction.

If you have any questions about how to do the classes, want to know more about the content or how we can customize a class, please write or call me.