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What is there in your life that you have not been able to change so far - and what if change could be much easier than you have believed so far? What if it could be very easy? YOU have the choice!

I am interested in helping people, in supporting them to live the life they can imagine and desire. Since our childhood so many restrictions, limitations and views were imposed on us and given to us for our later life and we still live them today. What, would be, if we could break through exactly these limitations now and simply dissolve them? What would your life be like without them?

On the following pages I will show you what possibilities are available to you - whether it is the tools of Access Consciousness ® that I use, such as the Access Bars ® that you can learn yourself in a bar course, the many applications of hypnosis or the ThetaHealing ®.

Since 2020 I have my practice in the health center PuR-Bonn in Bonn. In an optimal environment for working with clients, I have already been able to work with many people and help them sustainably.

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About me

During my many years of working as a flight attendant, I got to know many people and places that opened up new perspectives for me and awakened in me - or actually brought me even closer - an interest in new things and the joy of working with people. Thus, in 2007, I discovered hypnosis for myself and the associated, diverse applications, in coaching, through regressions to past lives or to improve well-being through deep relaxation.

Over the years, I myself have gone through many stages of development, my very own issues, including physical nature, have emerged and wanted to be seen and worked on. For each topic that came to the surface, I always found the appropriate technique to solve the issues and bring about change. Thus, after my completed hypnosis trainings in 2014, ThetaHealing, a little later learning the Access Bars with the dynamic, pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness and energetic bodywork came into my life. Since then, I have been continuously expanding and deepening my knowledge, skills and offerings through regular education and training.

Each session with me is individually tailored to the particular needs of my clients.

Change isn't always pleasant, but change doesn't have to be hard, and change doesn't have to be hard-earned. Often, all it takes is a single, brief impulse to recognize new perspectives - and flip the switch. Are you ready for it?

I took part in these classes and trainings:
Access Consciousness Bars® Facilitator
Access Consciousness® Body Process Facilitator
Symphony of Possibilities® (SOP), Dr. Dain Heer
Talk to the Entities®, Shannon O'Hara
Talk to the Animals
Abuse Hold
Hypnosis TMI® (TherMedius Institute)
Past life regression TMI® (TherMedius Institute)
ThetaHealing® according to Vianna Stibal